My Writings

Right now all my writings and posts are for my own personal use. I haven’t shared any of it nor do I plan too. It’s just for me and for me alone.

My Greatest Novel (untitled)

Yvonne Marie Cardell cried with all her heart and all her soul. She loved her uncle Tony. And she knew she would never see him again. It was hard. It seemed like the funeral lasted forever. But she didn’t mind. She wanted to stay longer and grief for him.
When her uncle was alive. It was hard taking care of him. It was also heart breaking watching him waste away. Who once was so active and healthy was now deteriorating slowly and painfully. There were times she felt there was nothing she could do but watch him suffer. Her uncle was always thin. But now he looked like he’d gotten so much thinner he looked almost skeletal. It was just so heart breaking watching him fade away. And now he was gone and she would never see him again or hear his voice.

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