The Murder of Robbie Wayne 

A long time ago sometime in the late 70s. I picked up a newspaper and I read an article that bought me to tears. I was only 11 or 12 at the time. It was about a 6 year old boy who had died in the hands of his own parents. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of child abuse until I read the paper that day. I cried so much. And I was just a little girl myself at that time. The article had a picture of him. I still remember a little bit of what he looked like. I remember I saved the article with his picture. Until I mistakenly lent it to my great grandmother and my older cousin. They wanted to read it. But they never gave it back to me. I believe they lost it or accidentally threw it away cuz whenever I’d ask for it back they gave me all sorts of excuses. I can’t remember who wrote the article but for years after that I tried looking for the article. Even when I first got my internet service with Aol. I couldn’t find this sweet little boy. It’s like he had vanished into thin air. I’d ask other people about it but no one remembered anything about the case. For awhile I was starting to believe I imagined the whole thing. That poor little boy didn’t deserve that. No child, boy or girl deserves that kind of cruelty. Especially by their own parents. Today as a grown woman when I look at the news or when I open my FB and I read about other children in that similar situation I always thought about that little boy who died all those years ago. And was forgotten or at least I thought he was. Back in the early 80s when I was a teen. I bought a readers digest book with an article about child abuse. Little did I know that it was about him. It was written as a short story by Mary Jane Chambers. I read the story and realized it was based on that sweet child who died a long time ago in the late 70s. I was sad and happy that I’d found him again. And that I wasn’t the only one who never forgot him. Someone had remembered him and wrote about him. After all he needed to be remembered so others can be well informed and educated on cases like this. If you see a child you think is being abused or if you know someone who’s being abused, please don’t hesitate to call for help. You could be saving a life. Especially a child. To me, he was just a baby when he died. After that more years passed by and I tried looking him up on the Aol Internet I had. I found nothing on him. Again it felt like he disappeared. I searched hi and low and came across nothing about him. I felt frustrated and sad. My husband would ask me what was wrong and why I was crying. I told him about the little boy. My husband felt bad and even he couldn’t remember about the little boy. But my husband knew now I thought. Then I just gave up but I never forgot about him. I kept the story I tore out of my Readers Digest but as the years went by and you do some cleaning and move to places things somehow get lost and that is what happened to the short story. It got lost. Sometime a few days ago I happened to be googling on my iPhone and I typed his name. And surprisingly his name came up. I was so happy and glad that I’d finally found him again. And I downloaded the information just incase he disappeared again. I was also happy to know that I wasn’t the only one who remembered him. And was looking for him. I remember after reading the newspaper article that if I ever had a baby I would want to name my child after him. But unfortunately I never had children. But I’ve written stories myself and my favorite character I named after him. If he hadn’t died I often wondered what he would be like. If he would have had a family of his own. I’m not really sure it’s just so sad to even think about. Please as I’ve stated before if you know of any child abuse! Please, please report it!!!! I will download the short story of the lost little boy. His name was Robbie Wayne!!!!

In fond Memory of Robbie Wayne ❤️😌 Rest in peace sweet angel!

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    1. I really felt like Eric Bolton had won the lottery when I read this.Where was Wendy Jo’s mom?I’m amazed she was allowed to just travel like nomads with the dad.Did her mom have problems which prevented her from having a say in this? it sounds a lot like Harry didn’t allow Wendy Jo to have any friends, just chores and deprivation.I felt so outraged she was dragged into this.Sounds like she was a harder worker than her dad.

      1. Barbara, ‘Wendy Jo’s’ mother is just as horrible as Larry. She always left us with him. Cindy, aka Wendy Jo, had it way better than my brother and I. Barbara always had excuses as to why she couldn’t be there for her children. Cindy was the only one who was biologically Larry’s, so he wasn’t abusive to her. I was six and a half years old when I was adopted and my baby brother was about five. Cindy had plenty of opportunities to reach out for help and chose not to.

      1. No Heather is not the one who gave birth to the baby while in prison. Heathers mother is ‘Wendy Jo’ in the story. I’m Hearthers aunt. Larry Paul Gough is serving his sentence at The Joseph Harp correctional facility in Lexington, Ok. He was up for parole 03/17/17, But Thank GOD it was denied. Hopefully he will die soon, I just wish it was in the horrific way he killed little Harvey.

      2. I know it’s taking its toll on that horrible mans death to come soon. But it will get there. And yes thank God his parole was denied. I’d be scared to and happy at the same time cause he still in prison. I don’t understand how people like him can still survive and live while all our loved ones die. The ones who truly matter. And I’m happy to know that you are a strong person and you are alive and well. Some victims just don’t make it that far and just give up and commit suicide. You are strong and brave. And you are a beautiful person inside and out. I will be thinking about you in my prayers. Again I wish you all the best in world. I really do. God bless you sweetie and keep the faith. Please don’t stop believing everything will be fine.

  1. The evil father and sister were mine. I suffered the same punishment as this poor child did. I don’t know if I was lucky to get away from them before it was to late for me or hate myself because I was taken away and he killed Harvey. Larry Paul Gough was a horrible demon and his ‘little princess’ Cindy played a disgusting roll in this as well. There is absolutely no excuse or reason for any kind of child abuse …… PERIOD.

    1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. No child deserves that at all. I hope you are doing ok now and that the bad feelings and dreams are finally put at rest. After everything you been through I hope you can live a happy life. Or at least try to. Sending you hugs.

      1. “Shirley” wasn’t born yet when Larry and Brenda were arrested.She must mean their relatives.

      1. No. I was born in 1969. My biological mother was Larry when I was born. She abandon me and left me with him. I survived for six and a half years before being taken away.

      1. I made a mistake. The poor babies name is Melvin Kirk Ward. May he be resting in peace.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts . LIFE has extremely traumatic and I’ve spent thousands of dollars and years on psychiatry treatments and medication. Those are things you just can’t forget

    1. Yes that’s true. You can never forget. I just hope that you find peace and a little happiness in your life. Because you truly deserve that sweetie. Peace and happiness and a lot of blessings from heaven.

  3. I remember reading this when it came out.I was happy for Eric Bolton because he had a real dad that could claim him.I felt really bad for Wendy Jo.She had to be really sneaky to be able to do the right thing (she snuck food to Robbie) and she really had to bottle in what she really felt.It’s a really crappy thing to happen in your life when you’re 9.it doesn’t sound like she was allowed to have friends,and her dad indoctrinated in her that he was her best friendNo clubs,no scouts,no sports, no nothing..Now I look at it and think what a shame it was there was no internet.She could have posted all kinds of stuff and gotten rescued.I hope she got a chance to do some good –her release from her father was her ticket to freedom.

  4. in the story the mother’s name is Lana. What is her real name?
    What happened to the baby born in prison, Shirley in the story?

    1. I’m not really sure what her real name was. And as to the baby girl born in prison. I’m not sure what has become of her or what her real name was. I believe the family want to keep her identity away from society. Which I really don’t blame. I mean that whole family went through a lot. Especially after what happened to the baby boy Robbie. And when I refer to family I mean outside family not Lana. She deserves everything she gets. She was a horrible person of a mother. She shouldn’t even have that title. Mother’s are supposed to protect their babies not hurt or kill. I can’t even imagine what that poor baby thought of his mother. I’m sure he felt he was alone in the world. I’m almost sure he felt that everyone was against him. I have a six year old nephew. Almost the same age as Robbie. I look at my baby and think to myself he’s so small and skinny and in my eyes he still a baby. He’s very smart and he already has his own thoughts and he speaks his mind. So if my nephew at this age can do that. I’m pretty sure Robbie did as well. Also my nephew struggles a little in math. But I would never punish him for that like Robbie was. It just breaks my heart everytime I think about that. Every day that I see my nephew and spend time with him. I tell him every time. “I love you” and he tells me to. I also make sure that I hug him every time and kiss his tiny little face. When he’s in pain or isn’t feeling well or if he wakes from a bad dream. I make sure he knows I’m there for him. If his momma isn’t there for him. I am. And believe me my nephew has a lot of love in my family. My sister who is my nephews real mother adores her son as his father. My dad, my husband, my nieces, my brother and the rest of my family and my friends love and adore my nephew. I just wish that little boy Robbie had that same kind of love my nephew has. Believe me if I had been older at that time that incident happened. I would have taken him and adopted him as my own and would have given him so much love he wouldn’t ever have wanted to go back. He would have wanted to stay with me. But I know he’s in a better place and far away from those evil people who hurt him. He’s in Gods hands and playing with the angels in heaven. At least that makes me happy to know he is finally safe and sound.

    2. Eric Bolton was named Tommy Edward Connor.he lived with his grandmmother was was kidnapped by a woman,then he was recovered.and put in protective custody.

  5. I would just like to say that I am so glad you got away from Larry and Cindy Hough. As I said, I would love to hear your story. Quite frankly this has been the worst case of child abuse I have ever heard of. This story has touched so many lives. I would love to hear whether Larry, Cindy or Brenda ever expressed remorse? What these folk don’t realise is that karma is real. And they will rue the day when they have to pay for what they have done. And pay they shall. Little do they know it. The universe will never let you get away with anything. It may not be in this life, but it WILL come. No one EVER get’ts away with anything!! I have spent a life paying back my karma, and believe me it was not fun. But to get back to you Renee, please tell me some of your story. Also please tell me whether Larry suffered in jail? I know that child killers have a very bad time in jail, because ordinary criminals find child abuse reprehensible. So I would like to learn a bit more about Larry, and how his life has been all these long years in jail.

    1. My mother is cyndi. She was 9 years old when this happened . Her life has been hell and she spent my whole life in prison due to her problem with drugs. She never learned how to be “normal”. She suffers everyday and has expressed deep sorrow and remorse for what happened. Remember, she was only 9. I can’t speak for my aunt Renee, but she has also been living through the aftermath of this hell. My grandfather Larry recently passed away.

      1. From the story it sounds like she had a strong personality,at least as a child.But what she had to do–that was abuse too. For whatever reason she had to be like a slave because the man was so lazy and stupid.But even if the man was mentally challenged,it still was abuse.

  6. Hi Renee, I am so happy you were saved and sadly poor Harvey was killed in your stead. It is a sacrifice Mervin made for you. It would be good if understand the gift you were given. This story has left a festering sore on my heart. I cannot understand such cruelty. I would like to understand whether Larry, Brena and Cindy at least experienced some form of suffering after the cruelty they unleashed on that boy Mervin.

  7. Okay,once Cindy was an adult she had to do the right thing.She had to know better by then.But why no Cindy’s mother?Was she dead?Or did Larry just take her and her mother didn’t know where she was? It is not clear if Cindy was afraid of her father or he was the only stable family presence for her.From the way the article was written,it sounds like Larry was mentally challenged to some degree and all the adults should have been able to outwit him.Lana,for all her definciecies,was certainly far and away more intelligent than Larry.It did say Cindy snuck food to Harvey.There is some inkling she was plotting but couldn’t follow through.

  8. https://wisecountytexas.info/bridgeportindex/images/obits-t-z/Ward,%20Melvin%20Kirk%20-%201978.jpg The author left out a few things not directly elated to the murder.Like the article implies Tommy Edward Connor was out of the picture at that time–he actually wasn’t.2 men abducted him from his grandmothers house and intended to take him to Brenda.Also Larry Paul and some other inmates overpowered a guard and escaped from jail.Larry Paul was found hiding in a garbage can.He also said he was kidnapped.

  9. Myself, my aunt Renee, my mom cyndi, my siblings… we all still suffer from what’s happened all those years ago. Larry passed away but he didn’t suffer in prison. I’ve written to him over the years and he claims he was just a young drunk asshole. My mom was only 9 and never recovered. She wrote a detailed letter to me about it once, I will try and find it.

  10. I remember reading this story in The Reader’s Digest when I was a child myself in the early 80’s (I was born in1970) It really is an awful story and I have remembered it all my life. I, for some reason, remembered it tonight and wondered if anything would be out there on it so I googled it and low and behold, I found this.

    Physical abuse and torture beyond belief as I remember the details of the abuse I had read about so many years ago. I wonder how a parent could do this to their child. Parents are supposed to love, nurture and protect their children and the details still haunt me as I wonder what little Robbie Wayne must have thought going through the torture.

    Every time I hear about cases of child abuse, I think of this story. Recently, a child was killed by her mother and mother’s boyfriend and it struck me that the setting was very much the same as in the Murder of Robbie Wayne. The details of the abuse were just as haunting.

  11. To this day I have not been able to get over this story. The level of cruelty is simply staggering!! What I do know is that Larry and Brenda will have a life review once they die. There they will have to take ownership of the devastation they have caused. They will also reap karmic consequences and come back to this earth to repay the debt. Such is the nature of guilt. We should however as a society thank them for spotlighting this crime, and encouraging our society to mete out stricter punishments and show criminals that such behaviour will not be tolerated.It is simply disgraceful!! The more society shuns this type of behaviour, the more criminals will be discouraged from engaging in these deeds. It is an enormous endightment on our “civilised western society” that this kind of behaviour even happens!!

  12. Hi Renee, interesting that our first names are the same? From what you describe, it seems Barbara your mother, left you with Larry. After which you and your sibling were abused by Larry. No wonder you call Cynthia a little princess, because she was not abused like you two. I assume that you 2 children were then taken into foster care, which I am presuming went far better than living with Larry. Larry was gonna kill some one, it was just a matter of time. And soon, he hooked up with Brenda, who as luck would have it had no qualms about torturing her son to death, using Larry as an excuse. Sounds as if Cynthia was affected negatively by this occurrence and became a drug addict. There the next generation were affected negatively, and apparently the children have also suffered. What I would still like to understand is how Brenda’s life fared after her prison sentence. Is anybody willing to fill me in please?

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