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Hi everyone my name is Diane McAdams. I first joined WordPress in 2011. I would blog every now and then but I suddenly stopped, until now. It’s 2019 and I’ve been very busy with my life. So many changes has happened to me that I feel I have so much more to say. I started my YouTube channel in August of 2018. So I’ve only been at it for a few months. I also co host with my 7 year old nephew Tres Murray. Tres is his nick name. His real name is James Murray the 111. So that’s why we call him Tres. He’s very smart, very talented, a very sweet little boy and is cute as a button.

We enjoy doing our YouTube vlogs. It’s a lot of hard work but most importantly we try to have fun. I love to write and writing just like crocheting helps and relaxes me. There is so much more to blogging and vlogging. At least I think so. To others it might not be. Well I am a writer. I love writing stories of all kinds. Romance, Drama and humor. But blogging well to me that’s writing about yourself and your every day life of the things you do or the things you do with your family is kind of too personal. I mean I don’t really like talking about myself let alone write about myself. I’m just afraid I’ll bore someone to sleep. I sometimes feel that I lead a boring life. I don’t know maybe to others I might be interesting and to others I might not and then there are another group that might see my life as everyone else. Well I know there are people out there that like to read about other people because I do. But only to see how similar our lives and problems are almost the same as your own and how they’ve dealt with it and solved it.

So this is my introduction back into my writing, my blogging and back into WordPress. Vlogging on the other hand is a different story. Welcome to my page and this is my family. ❤️❤️❤️

Tres Murray
Me and my nephew Tres
My logo
Me Diane McAdams
Me and my dad
My sister Belen Murray, our mom Irene Ramirez and me Diane McAdams. Our teen years.
Me and Tres playing with Snapchat
My sister Belen Murray and her son Tres, my nephew
My brother in-law and my sisters husband and Tres father. James Murray
Me and my sister
James Murray Jr.
James, Belen and Tres. Family fun day at Tres school.
Me and my husband Kenneth McAdams
My beautiful niece Melisa Ramirez and I.
My other lovely niece Rachel Ramirez and I.
My sister Belen and I and my nephew Tres.

Please follow us on social media, including our YouTube channel and our Podcast channel. Just type Gigglelotbird67 Diane McAdams and you should find us there. Thanks for visiting my website until next time. From our family to yours, God bless.❤️❤️❤️

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