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My YouTube Channel and what I’m learning.

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I always use to think that having a YouTube channel was easy. However in the back of my mind I knew better. Looking at other YouTubers it looked easy. I’ve always been in movies and documentaries as a young girl. My love for acting goes way back to my parents. Especially my dad and my uncles. But that’s another story to talk about. If I had known all this I would have done it sooner.

However; I do give YouTubers a lot of credit. I have a lot of respect for them. They work hard for their content. A lot of editing and so much time goes into it. Especially if you’re an artist and want your work to be perfect. I know I am sometimes. I’m a perfectionist. At least I think I am. Editing is hard to do. Especially if you don’t know how to work the programs, like iMovie and anything that has to do with creating your YouTube videos.

Sometimes it takes days. Well for me it does. To others it might take less because they’re experts and in some cases been doing it for a long, long time. I just started my YouTube channel in August of 2018. And the only reason I did it because my nephew Tres wanted to do a YouTube video months before I decided that I wanted to do it. Tres however never brought it up again.

Then the day came when I changed my mind. My nephew had video bombed my first YouTube video and the rest became history. So ever since then he’s been my cohost, sidekick, and my partner in crime. And we haven’t stopped. We’re still going at it and strong. We’re just having so much fun.

Sometimes I even cohost with my sister or other family members. We also started a Podcast channel a few weeks ago. But again that’s another story. We also have a FB, Twitter and Instagram that helps us a little in our family business.

So what have I learned? Well I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning as I go. I guess I’ll always be learning something new. Especially with technology constantly changing. There is never an ending to knowledge. You’ll always have that and will always crave for more. My nephew Tres is loving it. But please don’t misunderstand about my nephew. He loves being a YouTuber. After all it was his idea. Or he gave me the idea). And he lives a normal childhood.

He goes to school and has normal daily activities as other normal children do. He plays, he has friends and has play dates, he’s healthy and my sister and I make sure he has a normal child hood. I hardly really ever YouTube with him. I usually just do mostly unboxing for the older crowd. Every now and then my nephew will try to help me with that.

Then later it’s unboxing toys with him. But I always try to use this time to spend quality time with my nephew Tres. I want to have an auntie and nephew relationship. A bonding with him. After all I’ve practically helped raise him since he was born. I love him dearly. I feel like he’s my child as well. My very own.

So in conclusion to my blog. Continue educating yourself on anything. Any passion or desires you have in creating art, of any kind. Just do it. I know it’s scary and probably you think it’s too late. But better late than never. Art is art, and anything that you do is art. After all imagination is art.❤️❤️❤️

My latest and newest video for 2019. So far since Ive started, I’ve only posted 20 videos for YouTube. Please follow us on social media. Just type Gigglelotbird67 Diane McAdams and you should be able to find us and on podcast channel on Spotify as well. My YouTube channel is Gigglelotbird67 Diane McAdams please don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Thanks for reading my blog and will see you in the next story. From our family to yours. God bless.

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