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Camping Indoors In The Summer

My nephew, Tres just started summer camp at his school on Monday for one week. On Monday morning as always there is chaos and it’s unorganized. But that’s ok. Everyone is still friendly and having a good day so far. After all it is Monday morning and nine o’clock sharp. The lines are growing but everything seems to be moving pretty quick. My nephew on the other hand is so excited. He doesn’t care what’s going on because he’s ready to start the day. He wants to play with his friends and have a good time. Understandable. So when it’s our turn to confirm our registration and my nephew Tres and I cheerfully say, almost in unison say the last name first basis. Come to find out he’s not even on the list. My sister, Tres mother Belen Murray, has since registered him a month ago. It isn’t the first time this has happened and won’t be the last.

This was us on Monday morning. He was so excited and happy to be there. Me, Tres and my dad.
Me and Tres
Me and Tres goofing around
My family
My goofy boy
My nephew, my heart.
Tres Murray
I love you
Trying to look creepy and succeeding.
My Tres always making his auntie laugh
Tres and his grandpa
Tres and my dad
Looking bored
James (Tres) Murray the 3rd and me his Auntie, Diane McAdams. Still and always making me laugh.
Tres and I at the registration table.

James Tres Murray Jr.

So after the misunderstanding as I sometimes like to call it. We head on to where Tres group is supposed to be. I stick around a bit to make sure everything is ok for him. Also in that area he’s not on the list. Of course why not. I mean if you weren’t on the first list then it’s possible you might not be on the second list. But that’s just how it is I guess. So I noticed that Tres is not with his usual group of friends. He looks a bit sad and lonely. I asked him if he was ok. He said he was but I could tell by looking at his sweet innocent little face that he wasn’t. Usually Tres is the type of child that quickly makes friends with strangers his own age or sometimes even the older kids. My nephew is a social butterfly just like his grandmother and grandpa. But it blew me away to see him like this because he’ll usually start conversations with children right away wether they be friends or not. Maybe because he’s getting older. He just turned seven years old a few months ago. Maybe he’s starting to notice things and feel things he probably never has felt before. I don’t know. I sometimes try to put myself in his shoes when I was his age. Sometimes as you yourself get older you tend to forget certain things when you were a kid. As I start to leave I ask him if he’ll be alright. He says yes, but quickly grabs my hand asking me to stay with him. Again shocked by his request I say yes I’ll stay. But I tell Tres I have to let grandpa know so he can go home. I text my sister and tell her everything that’s happened. She’s also shocked that Tres is behaving in this manner almost clingy. But I stay anyway and it’s a good thing I did, because so much happened that day. Another child almost bullied my nephew but I stopped it in time because the other volunteered teachers were not around to watch these kids. However; I did let them know.

Early that morning after registration.

Let the fun begin.

He’s at his arts and crafts class making a project.

The end result. Tres masterpiece.

Lunch time

Play time at the play ground.
Time for the puppet show.

The puppet show

We went home early because it would be all day from nine to four. I came and stayed unprepared. I brought no lunch and had no water. My nephew just out of the blue asked me to stay and glad I did. So we left early my sister came and picked us up at twelve twenty. My nephew didn’t want to go but he didn’t want to stay alone either. He still wanted me to stay. But I wasn’t prepared and it was a hot day. We still had three more hours to go but I was starving. I didn’t think I could make it that long. And my sister was on her lunch hour and she had to get back to work and didn’t think it was right for me to stay on longer. As for my nephew, Tres. He had a good day and not so good because of that little boy who tried to bully him but didn’t succeed. Anyways it’s only the beginning of Summer camp. I’m sure it’ll get better for him. I’m hoping and praying that it will. His daddy is supposed to drop him off tomorrow. So we’ll see how his day goes. After all it’ll be his second day at camping indoors in the summer.

Starting too early for fun.

My sunshine

Me and my angel.

My baby. Goofy as always.

Tres and his grandpa.

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