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My Life That Time Forgot

Today is Saturday afternoon. Sitting here at the kitchen table writing on my laptop. While my dad and my husband are watching television. It’s a classic movie that happens to be one of our favorites. But never mind about that. So ever since I started writing again I’ve been at a lost for words. Before that I had many things I wanted to say, but now my mind is blank and I don’t know what to say. Except to write about what I did today and how exhausted I still am from the past few days I’ve experienced last week during Summer Camp I attended with my nephew. I live in Houston. And during the summer here it gets very hot that I feel like I’m cooking in the oven. All last week it’s been a blistering heat. I wrote a little blog about it called Camping Indoors In The Summer. You should go and check it out on my featured site and give it a read. Then if it’s possible give it a like. I would greatly appreciate it.

At the summer camp last week me and Tres

Well today as I sit here and think of all the wonderful and exciting things I would love to do and write about. I still want to take trips that I know I can’t afford. But nothing wrong with wishing someday. As exhausted as I was I overslept and woke up late around 12:30 noon time. I went to the bathroom to freshen up before heading to the kitchen since I could smell the delicious brunch my dad was cooking. I think he over slept as well. My dad is usually an early bird, except for today. My husband was still sleeping because he didn’t get home until late last night from his job. I wasn’t home because I was at my sisters house having our usual friday family night that my nephew Tres and us love to do together. This is I believe the third night that my husband Ken has missed. We feel bad when this happens. My nephew especially wants the whole family together. My husband wants it too. Understandable.

So I go to the kitchen and see my dad getting ready to eat with a few minor details he is missing. He has eggs, beacon, and tortillas but no fried beans and chille. So I quickly tell my dad a half good morning and afternoon greeting. And quickly heat up the beans (actually its refried beans from the can) and make the chille. The chille is made from the green hot peppers, tomatoes and avocadoes with some salt mixed together. It taste so good with eggs and beans. I immediately serve it to my dad once I am done. Then I start making my food to join my dad to eat. I left my husband to sleep more and then I would feed him later. As I’ve said before he has been working so hard and very long hours for weeks now. He’s very exhausted when he gets home. Especially on Fridays when we have family night and even though he’s very tired he still tries to make those family gatherings that we always try to have.

My husband Kenneth and I

While I was cooking my dad tells me that he see’s something outside as he stares out the kitchen window. I take a look and it looks like a bird house that a neighbor has put up. It’s not on a pole but it’s sitting on top of the branch of the tree. Looks like the neighbor climbed up on a ladder to do that. I told my dad I would go outside and take a look. Just not now it’s so hot and almost humid out there. But I will go outside later with my husband. So I sit down to eat after I’ve cooked my meal. A few minutes later I break out my computer and begin to write this blog.

Me and my dad

Feeling old and tired lately, especially right about now. I’m just writing about random stuff that’s going on in my life at the moment and the past as well. I don’t know but sometimes I just feel that my life I’ve forgotten with time. During my younger days, on and off I use to keep a diary. I think every young person has kept one. A Diary, a Journal and now it’s called blogging or vlogging. Blogging and Vlogging I found interesting and fascinating. However; blogging reminds me a little of writing in a diary but you can also write on your home computer or whatever electronic devices you have with an app that’s supported to do so. As for vlogging it’s kind of like home videos. I had an older cousin who use to do some old fashioned vlogging in the 70’s using a home movie recorder. But he didn’t have the technology we have today to post via internet for the world to see. That’s the only difference. Scary when you think about that but fascinating. So I try not to think about the scary part I just try to be careful what I post. But yes as a young girl I kept a diary. It was an on and off kind of thing. Sometimes I kept up with my writing in the diary and sometimes I didn’t. I just felt that talking about my life was boring and I still feel a little like this today. So at the time as a teen I’d write in my diary and suddenly just stopped. But I never stopped collecting journals and still do today.

Now I’ve started writing about myself again as I use to as a young girl and I see people who enjoy reading about other people and I’ll admit I’m guilty in that area because I too love reading about other people’s lives and watching Youtube videos. I just think that it’s different when it comes to yourself. But I am starting over again and I’m doing a lot of writing and videos and I also do Podcast. The sky’s the limit when it comes to it. The possibilities are endless and my mind runs crazy just thinking about it. My life, your life and anything that you do with it, it is art and use it well. Just use your imagination.

I am still sitting here every now and then getting up to do something and sitting back down to write more random stuff that come to mind about stuff I’ve done so far today. I think about and look at my life. My past I sometimes try to forget especially the bad ones. The good times I will always remember or will try to remember. Sometimes when my sister and I get together especially during Fridays family night. My sister will talk about something that happened when we were kids or as teens and I’m like “I don’t remember that happening” then just suddenly like a light bulb that goes on over my head I’ll remember. Sometimes it takes me days to remember. And vise vesa with my sister. We both have memory lapses but glad to have each other to remind us. Yes my life that time forgot is getting more and more real each day that passes. I just hope that these blogs and vlogs well help me a bit to remember and create more unforgetable memories to come. Especially for my seven year old nephew, Tres.

Well it’s time for me to cook dinner now as it’s already now six thirty PM. I guess hamburgers is what’s on the menu for tonight. Dinner with the family is what’s so important to me. I love everyone to pieces. I look outside my kitchen window and see the sun going down a bit. Probably go outside to take a look at the bird house my neighbor put up. Yes life is short, life is art and imagination and they do go a long way.

Went outside earlier to see the bird house. And it wasn’t. It was part of the transformer. Oh and the movie my husband Ken and my dad were watching earlier when I started writing. It was the classic movie called “The Land That Time Forgot.”

Definitely NOT a bird house

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