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Today’s Another Rainy Day

Today I woke up this morning to the sound of rain coming down. Thunderstorms could be heard coming close. I also notice it’s my sister and my nephew at the door. The streets where I live gets very flooded. If you’re not careful you could end up damaging your car. My sister Belen Murray drops my nephew Tres off and leaves. Only to return a few minutes later. Saying that the streets are flooded with water and she couldn’t get through. My husband Kenneth was getting ready himself to go to work but after hearing this and checking it out himself, he called his boss to let her know he might be a little late coming to work. My sister had to do the same.

I love the rain and thunder puts me right to sleep. However; I hate the lighting. So as long as I’m safe indoors. I won’t let it bother me. My dad Guadalupe Ramirez was getting ready to head out the door to meet with his friends for bingo. But we tell my dad. No way will he be able to make it since it’s pouring. So my dad the social butterfly that he is decides not to go. My sister and my husband stayed almost two hours as it continued to pour. We talked a lot about everything and played with my nephew. My husband falling asleep on the couch on and off while he waited for the rain to cease. Finally after awhile it stopped raining and just drizzled.

Drizzling a bit outdoors after the thunderstorm passed through.

My sister decides to chance it and leaves for work. After awhile my husband does to. They both made it to work without incident. Thank goodness. As for my dad he’s safe and sound and not going anywhere at the moment. I know he loves going to bingo with his friends but he’s old and I fear for his safety. Better safe than sorry is how the saying goes and I strongly agree with that.

“Another Rainy Day In Houston”

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