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Hot Summer Fun In The Sunshine and Flowers

Drawn by Diane McAdams “Birds, Butterfly’s And Beautiful Flowers”

If you ever lived in or visited Houston before then you know how hot it gets here in this city. Trying my best to spend time outdoors with my nephew, Tres. Is very overwhelming for me because of the heat. I love my nephew I’ll do anything for him. And if that’s what it takes. Then so be it. And outside we go. Sometimes it’s the family that matters. Especially when you have children. I sometimes forget what it was like when I was a child. I remember I loved going outside, even when it would be blistering outdoors. But that never stopped me or my siblings from going. Including my friends which were the neighborhood kids. After all, that is what we want for our kids today instead of playing video games all day. Tres always look forward to going outside. I love to see him running around in my backyard and front lawn. I love to see him riding in his bicycle at the park.

Tres riding his bike to the park.

We always enjoy our time together. I am his Auntie and he is my baby, my nephew. Going outside with him means everything to me. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m melting. But it doesn’t matter because sometimes it can be hot indoors to. Especially when you’re short on cash and you have to save on air conditioning. The electric bills at the end of the month is a killer. So I’ll have the fans running. However; when I do have Tres over then I’ll have everything running. I want to make sure his visits are comfortable and cool.

Tres and his mighty sword.

I love flowers. All kinds of flowers of different shapes and colors. But my favorites are Sunflowers and Daisies. I can’t get enough of those. I always tell my friends and family especially my husband. “If you’re getting me flowers for my birthday or Valentines. Then sunflowers and daisies is what you should get me.” However; I’m not that picky. I’ll be happy to get any type of flowers. I won’t turn them away. I love them all. Butterflies and birds are another favorite of mine. Beautiful shades of colors all God’s creatures is what they are. So going outdoors may not be my favorite thing to do anymore like it use to be. But my nephew and the flowers and everything in it. Just the beauty of this world, is enough to get me out. “Come on Tres, let’s go outside and play.”

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