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Hello Gigglelot readers. I know that I have already introduced my website on the “My Page” and “About Me Page.” But I felt that introducing my logo and character would be more appropriate since this is why I started this BlogVlog in the first place years ago. I created Giggles when I was I believe 13 or 14 years old. I remember I was sitting in class with the schools old desktop computer in front of me. We were given an assignment to work on math problems using a work book, after I had finished my other assignments on the computer. Of course when I was done I was bored. So I started doodling in my notebook. And that is how Giggles was born.

When I was younger I use to draw animations, especially for my sister. At the time my sister was a toddler and couldn’t read or write but she could color, I taught her that. However; she learned little by little through my drawings because I would put words in my character drawings. She loved it and my drawings as well. I always thought to myself. “Someday I would use Giggles as part of my business.” It took a long time. But I finally had the courage to do it. She’s mine, I created her and I love her. She’s my own as if she were my child. Yes I know it sounds silly. But it isn’t silly when you have a dream. The kind of dreams that you have all your life as a young girl or young boy. Wanting to own a business someday. Just like my grandparents did. I’m so glad they instilled that in me to pursue my life long dream and my passion for Art and Imagination. My nieces were also instilled with that as well. Now I hope and wish to instill that for my seven year old nephew who’s also a big part in this. And why I continue to pursue in this Adventure. Believe it or not, he helps me out a lot in my videos and projects that we create together. He loves it and loves being part of making this business work. As for the rest of my family. We work as a team, we work as one. We especially have a lot of fun when filming and making videos. It’s a learning experience and we go through the process and the motions together. But having fun as a family and it is a family business is what it’s all about and it works.

So back to my logo, my Giggles, and future plans I finally have in store for her. I’ve started using this website again. Yes I’ve had it for almost eight or nine years and I would occasionally write in it. Had I known what Blogging and Vlogging was all about and what I had gotten myself into when I signed up for it. I would have used this program more and wrote in this every single day. But I didn’t know any better then, but I know better now.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy the visit, thanks for stopping by.

My baby boy, my darling nephew is also the driving force behind of why I continue to work hard for our business to grow.

Tres Murray my nephew

Enjoy the tour. Don’t forget to follow us on social media. See you on the outside.

I also have plans in using her in my stories. Creating children’s books and making a franchise out of her. I had so many names and this name just stuck out more. However when I tried to keep this name original and it is. But I had to change it around a little when it came down to this website. Gigglelotbird67 is what it finally came to and I love it and my family does too. Except for my nephew. He doesn’t think she’s cool enough. But then again look at Tweety bird and Pikachu.

I crochet blankets, scarves and hats and also other things. My specialty however; are the blankets. I love blankets, I have a thing for blankets. I make all colors and different sizes in blankets I crochet, and I plan to use Giggles in this to. Also An animation for Giggles is underworks right now. I Just don’t know when I’ll release it yet. I’m hoping soon because right now I’m working on it myself. I am hoping to find someone that can help me with it but for now it’s just me. But Hey! I’m at least trying to make a go of it. Well I just wanted to give you a few details on who Giggles was and is. She’s my creation I thought up of many years ago when I was in Junior High school feeling bored, doodling in my notebook waiting for the school bell to ring for my next class.

If you’ve read this far to the end please leave a reply “Giggles”, thanks so much and God bless. My name is Diane and I’m the owner of Gigglelotbird67.

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