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Sisters Night Out At The Movies

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Good Morning and Welcome back Gigglelot readers. I hope you enjoy reading my BlogVlog and I hope you all have a great Day.

Now a days going to the movies is so expensive, that even the food they sell have skyrocketed. I haven’t been to the movie theatre in ages. I can’t even remember what was the last movie my husband and I last saw. However; I do remember how much the tickets and the food cost. It was still very expensive. A few weekends ago my sister and I went to see Annabelle Comes Home. We had seen the trailer and talked about going. After all we love the franchise of the continuing sequels/ prequels of this particular movie. With so much of everything going on in our lives and not having any time for ourselves because life always happens. So we decided to make time for ourselves and made it a Sisters Night Out. Actually we went during the day, less crowded and a little less expensive. The food and drinks is still expensive but that’s ok. As long as I’m with my best friend and favorite sister I at least know the outcome will be the best time in our lives, is just simply going to the movies. I know we’re hard core.

As for the movie itself, my review goes like this. It was good, but not the way I thought it would be. It started off slow in the beginning but it got interesting later in the movie. If you have seen it already then you know what I’m talking about. However; if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Then I don’t want to spoil it for you, and I won’t give details. But if you’re a horror fan like me and my sister then you should go see it.

My sister and I had a great time. However; unlike my sister, I haven’t been to the movies in a very long time, but I’m glad I did. I just hope there are more opportunities like this for us in the near future. Money wise and time shouldn’t get in the way sometimes because life is too short. Before you know, it will be to late. However; it’s never to late to start right away. I love our family nights we have at my sisters house every Friday. My nephew Tres loves those as well. It’s a tradition we started up again after my nephew Tres was born 7 years ago. Now I would love to start another tradition with my sister. Sisters Night Out At The Movies. Thanks Annabelle.

Come on Belen let’s go to the movies……………

Me and my sister Belen Murray at the movies about to watch Annabelle Comes Home

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  1. The movie was good but like you said the excitement didn’t start till close to the end. The next movie to see is Scary Story’s.

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