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Hey Gigglelotbirds this is Diane coming at you again with part two of my fourth video I posted last year on my YouTube Channel. My review of merchandise that I buy at Target are not sponsored by them although I wish it was. The reviews that I give are what I feel are the best of my knowledge. These are items that I actually bought with my own money. I love Target’s merch. The items in the video are little lights that have switches. And there’s another you pull the string. They both run on batteries.

My favorite oasis
Targets room essentials LED lights
room essentials LED lights when turned off

I believe these can be very convenient for school dorms. If you have any teen adults who are already going to college would love these cute lights. I have them myself and use them for other purposes. These lights come in different designs and colors. Very beautiful collections to choose from. I’m not sure what size batteries they use. I believe it’s three double A batteries. Again I’m not sure, but I believe I do mention that information on this video.

LED lights from room essentials sold at Target
LED lights from room essentials turned off

I love room essentials they are my favorite items sold only at Target. I still have mines and I still use mines to this day. They are perfect for everyday use. They also come in different colors, styles and different designs. I love mines. I hope this review helped. They also make perfect gifts for any occasions.

Thumbnail for my YouTube channel
Fourth video of part two of my YouTube video review

As always Gigglelotbirds, Gotta Love Target and its merchandise. Hope to see you there in spirit.

Thanks for reading and watching I hope you’re enjoying my website, webpage. I hope you’re loving my stories. I just don’t do reviews. I also tell stories.

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Target Gift Cards Are The Best

From our family to yours, goodbye and God bless. MuWah!!!

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