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Gotta Love Target Unboxing Great Merch

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Hey Gigglelotbirds I hope you bird watchers are having a fantastic life. I am here today to blogvlog and post my YouTube video. This will be my third video I posted on my YouTube Channel last year of 2018. I was being so good and being consistant with my content. Yes I did stop for awhile and I regret doing that so now I am trying to catch up with my blogvlogs for my YouTube videos and my website, webpage. I love writing and I will never stop posting no matter what.

So yes this was my third video of an unboxing I did with my nephew Tres. He basically video bombed my first video which I have already posted on this webpage called My Very First YouTube Video. Please go and check that video out. So long story short that’s how Tres became a part of my YouTube world. Well there’s more to the story but I will talk about that on another BlogVlog later.

Thumbnail for my YouTube channel

So yes I love shopping at Target we all do and I’m certain the rest of the world does to and that is what this post is about. I love to do reviews on things that I buy. Target always have great bargains and great merch. Clearances are the best time to grab for items. Sales, Sales, Sales it’s what is all about. I love the people there, the associates are very friendly and very helpful. I hope you enjoy reading my BlogVlogs and watching my video’s. I will continue to do my reviews and not just on Target, but other of my favorite stores where I love to shop.

I love Target’s Gift Cards they are the best to give as gifts on any occasions.

Thanks for reading and watching here is the link to my YouTube channel I have more content to look through. I hope you enjoy the rest of my other videos on my YouTube channel. Also please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to this website, webpage as well as on my YouTube channel and my other social media’s. Gotta Love Target Gigglelotbirds, see you there at Target in spirit. From our family to yours, Goodbye and God bless. MuWah!!!

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