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A Video Tutorial For Tres School Assignment

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Hello Gigglelotbirds this is Diane. Welcome back to my BlogVlog Adventures website. In todays story my nephew Tres was given a school assignment to do a video for a school project. It was to be a short video tutorial on whatever the child wanted to do. Then once it was filmed he or she was to explain the process of how it was done.

Tres decided that his video tutorial would be on how to make “A Grilled Cheese Sandwich.” Both versions of the videos were put together and uploaded to our YouTube channel Gigglelotbird67. Please go and check it out and subscribe. These videos were filmed in January 26th and the 27th of 2020.

My sister Belen who’s also the mother of this adorable little boy filmed the two versions. The video was to be three minutes long but the first video was four minutes long. So they decided to film a second video which hit the mark and also made the cut. His teacher Ms. Nancy Noone loved it and made a grilled cheese sandwich.

While I was editing the video even I craved one. We also got a few commenters that actually made and ate a grilled cheese sandwich. My baby sure knows how to sell good food.

What I love about his school is that his teacher’s want their students to be creative and use their imaginations to their full potential. Tres has learned and developed so much than I ever did when I was his age.

I am so proud of my nephew and so is his momma and daddy. Tres is also very sweet, kind and caring. He also has a very good heart. I pray that God continues to bless him always and everyday.

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A YouTube tutorial

Thanks for watching the video and I hope you enjoyed it. We will see you all in the next one. Please don’t forget to follow us on social media and give us a like, share and subscribe. Bye and God bless. MuWah!!!

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