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Hello Gigglelotbirds this is Diane and welcome back to my BlogVlog Adventures website. January and February have come and gone and we’re now in March. The winter hasn’t gone away the way we thought it would. It feels like it’s planning to stick around a little longer. Which means we still can not put away our winter hats, scarves and coats just yet. Jack Frost is still nipping at our nose.

So as I’ve said once before on another post that I would post more pictures of the projects of handmade crochets that we have been working very hard on. My niece Rachel actually crocheted some beautiful cozy hats. They are beautifully made and very durable but yet comfy and soft.

Rachel crocheted more hats than what I posted and she sold them already. But don’t worry, she is working on crocheting more cozy hats and scarves in the near future. And I will post and update on that another time.
Rachel’s Cozy Hats

This next photo is my absolute favorite. I mean I love them all but this one takes the cake, and it is very thick, soft and all around cozy. The hat and scarf comes as a set. Rachel did an excellent job with this set. The beautiful colors she chose goes with any outfit.

Rachel’s Winter Storm
Cozy hat and scarf comes as a set.
Rachel’s Winter Storm
Cozy Hat and Scarf Set
Rachel’s Winter Storm Cozy Hat
Rachel’s Winter Storm Cozy Scarf
Modeling Rachel’s Winter Storm Cozy Set
Modeling the cozy set
Modeling the cozy set

As you can see in the photos above. Rachel’s Winter Storm looks and feels comfortable and they are. It’s made with the best yarn money can buy. Like any Artist, when we crochet we use nothing but the best material that’s very well made.

The rest of the Cozy hats are previews of what is to come in the future. More cozy hats, scarves, blankets, and so much more. And I am very excited about that.

Even though I’ve said they were just previews. However; if you are interested in purchasing one of these items that I have showcased. And if you are interested in a Cozy hat or the Golden Shimmer scarf or Rachel’s Winter Storm set. Please let me know in the comments below.

Milk and Honey Cozy Hat
Cozy Oatmeal Hat
Rachel’s Winter Snowflake Cozy Hat
Cookies and Cream Cozy Hat
Pokeball Cozy Hat
Pokeball Cozy Hat
Golden shimmer Cozy Scarf

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Happy Cozy Trails
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